World and experts events.

And yet, it isn’t uncommon to visit a high-level mathematics professor with an IQ of 175 chowing down on a prepared hamburger laced with toxic chemical substance additives, while wearing clothing washed in carcinogenic mainstream laundry detergent. The professor may be brilliant in mathematics, quite simply, but he’s unknowingly bathing his whole body in cancer-causing chemicals simultaneously. Not too bright. Likewise, a typical typical doctor thinks he is aware of health, but he buys breakfast cereals made with genetically altered corn and doesn’t even understand that GMOs are harmful to your wellbeing.You might be asking what meals maintenance income would entail, and to this I’d respond, healthcare. Bad food and bad medication run together in the us, and the payoff is huge, so corporations and companies are able to spend a lot of money advertising their bogus items, knowing that the tail end of toxic food consumption often entails pharmaceutical medications, surgery, and maybe even chemotherapy. Did you know it can price over 1 million dollars to run a 30 second advertisement through the Super Bowl, and you can’t simply run one advertisement, you have to buy a deal with six runs or more. Who are able this, besides the usual corporate giants, Coke, Nike, and Chevrolet? The biggest companies and corporations will be the biggest liars, for the most part, and their slogan or tagline is their ultimate weakness.