While even more are coping with significantly higher expenses.

The combination of lower benefits and higher expenses means many more seniors will have trouble making ends fulfill this year, said Larry Hyland, chairman of The Senior Citizens League. More of these will need to make very difficult choices and scale back on basic things such as health care and utilities. Almost 70 % of beneficiaries depend on Social Protection for 50 % or even more of their income. Social Security is the sole income source for 15 % of beneficiaries. TSCL supports emergency COLA legislation and opposes any deficit reduction proposals that could cut the COLA..But Kaiser said there is little evidence that this prevents any side effects on the brain. Harding agreed that it’s too early for routine, general screening of newborns. One reason is, there are potential harms. ‘Pain-induced tension,’ from needle sticks, may affect newborn brain development, Harding stated. And if treatment causes blood sugar to spike, that itself could worsen any brain damage. For now, Harding said, the ‘safest approach’ is to display high-risk newborns only.