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The social mass media campaign launch and Ms. Zavala shall be released at a reception, Health Care Reform: Communicating Plan with Hispanic Media,on Monday , 23 November, 2009, 6:00-8:00pm, at the Marriott Marquis in Situations Square, 16th floor Sky lobby. In attendance, and partnering with AHHE and the NHCCH upon this initiative, will be the leading nationwide Hispanic health association presidents, including George A. Zeppenfeldt-Cestero, President, Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives; Suzanne Colin, PhD, President, the Association of Hispanic Mental MEDICAL RESEARCHERS; Miguel Hernandez, MD, President, the Dominican Medical Association; Norma Martinez Rogers, PhD, RN, FAAN, President, National Association of Hispanic Nurses; Samuel Arce, MD, President, Spanish American Medical Oral Culture of NY, Inc., and Luis A.Dry or oily epidermis require a product which will treat the facial skin skin accordingly, otherwise the user could make his problem worst than better, this is very important, and this should not be remaining for the salesperson to deiced. Users with dry epidermis should mild cleansers and soaps, as they will experience an aggressive one and it would not really help their condition immediately. Synthetic detergents are suggested for dried out skin sometimes, they should not be used often and also have been known to work well on that type of skin.