UQ medical student data collected since 1997.

UQ medical student data collected since 1997.’We see all these data indicate that the Medical School was to collect and publish papers, we as how come our UQ graduates how well we train and the quality of our graduates when they graduate,’said Dr. Luke told. – ‘We want a wide range of students, medical medicine, so we choose to come to the medical needs of the staff for many years. ‘.

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Researchers with the three-year project doctors tomorrow, aim, the school has a clear vision of the future training needs by analyzing student progress.Project Research Fellow Dr Haida Luke said she expected that they would group research the quality of medical education , the UQ justified by identifying the needs of medical students and correcting unprofessional behavior.The study, publishes in of the journal PLoS Pathogens the the research medicines drugs SELx destination and to prevent damage to healthy cells might will find.

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