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These quickly multiplying cells eventually result in the formation of a cancerous tumour. For the majority of cancers it isn’t known what can cause them to develop. However, there is an increasing amount of proof that leading a wholesome lifestyle can help you prevent malignancy. In this article I will be discussing three changes in lifestyle you can make to assist you lower your cancer risk. 1) EAT A HEALTHY DIET: – Eating lots of fibre, fruits and vegetables is thought to help prevent a genuine number of cancers. A diet saturated in fibre has been linked with a reduced risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables has also been associated with a lower potential for developing lung cancer.It meets the challenge of complicated workflows by integrating with the provider’s employee and individual identification systems to secure access and simplify patient searches. Research are retrieved from the connected PACS, local advantage devices or from the cloud archive, making the location of the image transparent to the finish user. Providers can easily exchange and view pictures with various other GNAX VNA and non-GNAX securely customers seamlessly, creating a health information exchange platform with a workflow for medical imaging. Acuo’s UCP simplifies the process of managing clinical content, providing normalization and virtualization of medical images and non-DICOM data, services orchestration, data replication, medical workflow, compliance and contextual data management services, with a built-in performance management dashboard and environment.