Typically from abdomen flu or gut flu.

Abdominal Discomfort in Children Causes Infections: Viruses or bacteria can cause abdominal discomfort, typically from abdomen flu or gut flu . Viral attacks quickly have a tendency to go away, while bacterial infections may need an antibiotic to progress. Usually the onset is speedy after eating. Poisoning: This can range from simple problems to much more serious issues like swallowing iron pills, magnets, coins, botulism from spoiled food, or an overdose of medicines . Surgical problems: Included in these are appendicitis or blockage of the bowels. Medical causes: Things beyond your abdomen could cause abdominal pain. For example, a kid can have abdominal pain from problems of diabetes or from a dark widow spider bite.Fox Information: Republicans Cry Foul Over ObamaCare 2015 Enrollment Period Pushback Congressional Republicans accused the administration of shifting the dates for political factors, to hide a spike in 2015 premiums, though information could be available about 2015 premiums prior to the elections on Nov already. 4. Which means that if premiums go through the roof in the first 12 months of ObamaCare, no one will find out about it until after the election, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, stated in a declaration. This is obviously a cynical political move by the National government to use extra-regulatory, at all necessary tools to keep the program afloat and hide important information from voters . This article was reprinted from kaiserhealthnews.org with permission from the Henry J.