Today by Silverlink Communications according to a new survey released.

These solutions proactively educate consumers about both H1N1 and seasonal flu by delivering timely, relevant, and people segment specific information on this global health issue. Outreach programs consist of interactive education about the seasonal and H1N1 flu, its symptoms and how it spreads; educating consumers on preventive actions to remain healthful including H1N1 and seasonal vaccine information; in addition to providing consumers information on how to proceed to if they become symptomatic. Furthermore to these outreach applications, Silverlink also offers inbound communications solutions designed to quickly answer frequently asked questions . The FAQ alternative provides people with up-to-time flu and flu vaccine details, in addition to plan-specific and localized avoidance resources..‘In addition, fake medicines speed up drug resistance. If a drug contains some but not more than enough of the active ingredient, it won’t kill the disease’s virus or bacterias, but gives it a chance to mutate into a deadlier type instead,’ the AP continues. The program ‘was lately adopted in Nigeria, with plans for wider use somewhere else in Africa. The article notes that Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda along with Nigeria have carried out small trials of the text messaging system so far and additional African countries such as for example Tanzania and Uganda also have expressed curiosity in the technology.