Thomas Hofmann and his colleagues point out that beer develop an unpleasant.

Thomas Hofmann and his colleagues point out that beer develop an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste as it ages. Unlike wine, scotch whiskey and bourbon, beer tastes best when consumed fresh. Experts estimate that the average beer after 6 to 12 after 6 to 12 months of storage. Usually called ‘prenylated polyketides ‘hops hops – dozens dozens of key bitter-tasting substances formed during beer production. So far, however, no one had solid information about the bitter substances that form as beer ages..

They identified 56 substances to the to the beer a bitter taste, including five which appear largely responsible for its harsh flavor after aging. ‘This study provides the scientific basis for a knowledge-based extension of the shelf life of the desirable beer a bitter taste and the delay of the onset of the less preferred harsh bitter aftertaste by controlling the initial pH value of the beer and by keeping the temperature as low as possible final beverage final beverage, ‘the study concludes..The greatest increase will be in the African region and the Eastern Mediterranean are seen. The highest absolute number of deaths of W. Pacific region and SE Asian region arise. Public health experts predict ECOSOC leaders the path the confrontation with these major health crisis to demonstrate faced of millions the emerging epidemic of noncommunicable diseases threatened health care systems worldwide overwhelm, when action is taken. This tsunami did not occur today, it evolved over the years and are getting worse we need a revolution, up to 80 percent trajectory where have ‘Dr.