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Chinese herbs are excellent, no doubt, but natural remedies sometimes have unwanted side effects even. And if you are already on medications, it pays to inquire with your doctor first. You don’t want them both getting together with each other. Lotus Seed The herb tones kidney and spleen, which in turn treats diarrhea. Not that just, it also help improve your appetite. You can either brew the herb in tea or have it natural. There sweet-neutral taste makes it simple for direct consumption. Apricot Seeds The next time when wheezing cough helps it be impossible that you should sleep, try this natural tonic manufactured from apricot seeds.The ATS membership includes top researchers and clinicians and we are looking forward to collaborating with them.’ Richard Lansing, Editorial Director Clinical Medicine at Springer, stated, ‘We are honored to be dealing with the American Thoracic Society on book tasks that will become part of our existing, successful Respiratory Medicine series. The series can be a perfect fit to meet up the needs of the ATS mission.’ ‘The ATS is very very happy to partner with Springer upon this important publication series,’ said ATS Journals Publisher Diane Gern.