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The human body provides 2 types of muscle tissue: smooth and skeletal. Simple skeletal muscle is available internal organs such as for example stomach, intestines and blood vessels and causes them to contract. These muscle groups are involuntary and hence we have no control over their functioning. Skeletal muscle may be the muscle is mounted on bones and aids in our movement. This type of muscle in within our control and are called voluntary muscles also.Study warns. The largest risk factors for all age groups of children and teens are riding an adult-sized ATV rather than putting on a helmet, both which can possess deadly effects for kids. Relating to background details in the scholarly research, more children in the United States die riding ATVs than riding bicycles each full year. Regardless of the warnings, families remain purchasing the increasingly large automobiles and allowing their kids to use them as motorists and ride as passengers even at very youthful ages, said Dr. Mary Aitken, a professor of pediatrics and general public health at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.