The benefits of vitamin D are well documented and are.

There is evidence, however, that these recommended levels are too low for optimum health. Without additional doses of vitamin D, experts warn that older people are not enough of the nutrients they need. By random sun exposure or foods – When people age, their skin is less equipped to process vitamin D absorption through incidental sun exposure, said Dr. Since their daily vitamin D requirements are so much higher than their younger colleagues, it is very important that they D supplements D supplements and increase their intake of vitamin D fortified foods such as fortified milk and other dairy products, fortified orange juice and certain types of fish.. The benefits of vitamin D are well documented and are, above all, improved bone health and fracture prevention, better muscle health and a reduced risk of falling in older people.

‘it is well known that there was a contracting skin cancer at high risk of developing skin cancer with repeated and intentional ultraviolet B exposure to vitamin D levels, the latter ‘can be achieved safely in food supplements, said Dr. Foods is an epidemic in this country and recommending increased UV exposure with claims that sunlight somehow promotes good health is very irresponsible. ‘.

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