So folks are coming still.

Aid groups react to escalating violence in Cote d’Ivoire Aid organizations are warning of an impending humanitarian crisis for thousands of refugees who have arrived in Liberia after fleeing violence in Cote d’Ivoire, CNN reviews. The borders between Liberia and Ivory Coastline are so porous and the Liberian authorities aren’t denying gain access to for Ivoirians, so folks are coming still, Sletten said. Obviously, the needs are enormous. Access to potable water remains very difficult also to latrines also. ] avoid the pass on of diarrheal illnesses . Oxfam noted issues about accessing refugees as the rainy season approaches, VOA News writes. The whole area can be inaccessible, Caroline Gluck, who functions for Oxfam in Liberia, said, adding, The time clock is certainly ticking to get people to secure and reachable areas.You can gift a small sapling and let your loved ones enjoy the pleasure of growing it into a tree. 4. Vastu windchimes Since ages, sound has been used to create an environment of harmony and peace. Gift all your family members an appealing vastu windchime and allow them remember you each time it gives out a soothing audio. 5. Copper water glass Water stored in copper is usually abundant in health benefits. What better gift than the gift of health during the start of a fresh year. The drinking water enriched with copper properties helps cleanse your kidneys, purifies bloodstream, prevents asthma, and promotes healthy skin.