Seventy subjects shall be included.

UMC Utrecht is one of the participating centers in the NFU which may be the Dutch corporation for University Medical Centers. Twenty-one medical professionals are focused on treat patients from all around the region. Our team includes four rheumatologists, all state of the art medical professionals. Except treating patients, those doctors have their personal scientific areas of expertice also. Participating in medical trials and publishing scientific papers in national and worldwide medical and scientific leading journals can be at the top of their list.The incidence of significant infections was 2 percent in every the groups . No opportunistic infections were seen in the BG-12 groups, and no serious infections were reported in individuals with lymphocyte counts of less than 0. The overall incidence of malignant neoplasms was less than 1 percent in all the groups . General, the incidence of renal adverse events was balanced across the study groups . Proteinuria was the most reported renal event among patients receiving BG-12 commonly, with an incidence of 9 percent in the twice-daily BG-12 group and 12 percent in the thrice-daily BG-12 group ; most events were moderate and reversible and did not result in discontinuation of treatment. There were no full cases of renal failure classified by the investigator as serious adverse events.