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Peppone surveys of 4,804 women who visited Roswell Park Cancer Institute collected for screening or cancer treatment from 1982 to 1998 and analyzed. The 16-page study on lifestyle, habits, However, he said medical history, and occupational and environmental exposure is concentrated. Each participant in this study reported that they had never smoked, and had at least one pregnant or pregnant. Pregnant.

Infants and children nourished with safer, low radiocarbon Life Blocks food billions suffer less genetic damage events in their life. By reducing genetic damage, risks of cancer and birth defects are also reduced. Since genetic damage may play an important role in the aging process , this may give new food longevity longevity.

The scientific work of Dr. Chris Williams, President of Radiocarb Genetics, published in the international journal Environmental Chemistry Letters further explains the interaction between radiocarbon, food, cancer and aging.And determined Journal of Clinical InvestigationTITLE: exchange ERK1 / 2 Signalling rescues congenital heart disease in a mouse of Noonan syndrome.

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