Nearly 40 per cent admit to presenting kissed a stranger under the mistletoe.

No slobbering is the most important rule of etiquette for 32 percent of Canadians. When Canadians aren’t busy kissing this holiday season, they will be smiling. Despite the stress and hard work involved, 77 percent of Canadians estimate that they can smile a lot more than 10 occasions when entertaining family and friends this holiday season. Keeping that holiday smile bright and white can be challenging through the holidays with all the excessive food, drink and cheer. With regards to teeth-staining vacation indulgences like red wine, coffee and chocolate, 91 per cent of Canadians state they won’t avoid them this year, said Courtroom Elliott, Communications Manager, Philips Canada.These natural oils are very effective in burning fat and calories that your body does not want. You will be given by them a large amount of energy, which is very important to keep your fat burning capacity high. Furthermore, fish essential oil has been proven to combat a wide number of diseases and serious health problems. Thus, the use of fish oil can not only help you lose excess weight but also maintain you hale and hearty. Coconut Essential oil: Another effective strategy for losing weight include usage of coconut oil.