Michael Rud Lassen.

Data were collected and analyzed by the scholarly research sponsors. The statistical-analysis plan was approved by the steering committee prior to the data source was unblinded and locked. The steering committee also wrote the manuscript and made a decision to submit it for publication. All authors contributed to the composing of the manuscript and had full access to the info and analyses. The steering committee vouches for the accuracy and completeness of this report. Study Outcomes The primary efficacy outcome was the composite of adjudicated asymptomatic and symptomatic deep-vein thrombosis, non-fatal pulmonary embolism, or death from any cause during the intended treatment period.‘This indicates that HIV is usually spreading steadily from people at higher threat of exposure to the general population, and subsequently the number of women becoming infected with HIV keeps growing,’ the survey said . In addition there are 1.7 million HIV-positive people living in Eastern Central and European countries Asia, and there were an estimated 270,000 new HIV infections in the areas in 2006, based on the report. Nearly one-third of these newly diagnosed in the region are youthful people between the age groups of 15 and 24, the record said.