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People with severe acne problems are often prescribed an aggressive pimples treatment using strong antibiotics to deal with the bacteria problem that may be causing and aggravating their pimples. The problem with using antibiotics like tetracycline as an acne treatment is normally your body builds up an immunity over time to the acne medicine and no longer functions and causes more bacteria to develop therefore causing breakouts and often worse than before. Fortunately a natural acne treatment may be the best because your bodies disease fighting capability heals itself. Vegetables and Fruits, fish, chicken can all turn into a natural acne treatment. It is advisable to make wise choices with regards to choosing an acne treatment. Remember that there are various wonderful products out there but you need to be cautious to create for yourself the best natural pimples treatment for you.Until the nutritional causes of beriberi were established, however, physicians of ancient Asia thought the condition was some kind of plague. In America, the word ‘redneck’ actually comes from a supplement B insufficiency that caused heightened susceptibility to sunburns. Interestingly, most Us citizens are, today, deficient in B vitamins aswell, making them rednecks technically. In addition, it explains why many people are so easily sunburned. As explained in Staying Healthy With Diet by Dr. Elson Haas, M.D.: For a long period of history, the niacin insufficiency disease, pellagra, was an extremely serious and fatal issue.