Including three medicinal medications of two different classes in the same tablet.

However, although prequalified by WHO and available in many developing countries, at present some international aid companies involved with programmes of usage of antiretrovirals do not understand them. The main reason cited is usually the absence of full clinical studies that could allow assessment of their effectiveness, safety and quality. Researchers from the IRD and their companions have just shown, by means of a medical trial performed in Cameroon, that the generic fixed-dose antiretroviral tritherapy presently most commonly used in Africa satisfied these criteria. This treatment runs on the combination of a dosage of nevirapine, one of stavudine and among lamivudine in a single tablet. For six months, 60 adults infected by HIV-1 had been treated with one tablet a day twice, in two of the city’s hospitals.Secondary outcomes were the real number of times with bronchodilator use, the amount of RSV infections verified by means of a nasopharyngeal swab positive for RSV RNA with or without medical attention, the number of hospitalizations for laboratory-confirmed RSV infection, the real number of wheezing episodes, and the prevalence of recurrent wheeze. Medical assistance was thought as a visit to either a doctor or a hospital.