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The researchers are continuing to work in the future with the goal of a better understanding of the complex causes of neuroblastoma.* The paper, Chromosome 6p22 locus, which has been clinically aggressive neuroblastoma Associates published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Wednesday 7. When you use pills Viagra for erection, you should remember that you can not always rely on tablets. If you notice a significant decrease in male strength, then you should consult a doctor, but for other cases it is better to choose Generic Viagra Online. It is the most famous treatment for male ED nowadays.

The researchers found that patients with the genetic changes were aggressive aggressive neuroblastoma There are two genes in the vicinity of the variants. The connection with neuroblastoma may be behind, but little is one of them either of them. Future research can now try to figure out why these genetic changes contribute to increase the risk of neuroblastoma be addressed. In the future this may lead to tailored management for children with the aggressive form of the disease. – Professor Rahman said: ‘This is an exciting development in our understanding of how neuroblastoma caused There are always doing a lot of work, but this discovery is a starting point for the identification of children who are at risk of the most serious. And and will hopefully lead to a better treatment in the future.

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This report was by Cristiana Santoriello, Gianluca Deflorian, Federica Pezzimenti, Luisa Lanfrancone, Fabrizio d’Adda di Fagagna and Marina Mione write the European Institute of Oncology and to the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology Foundation in Milan, Italy, non profiti Kawakami of the National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Shizuoka, The report will in the January / February edition of of a new magazine, Disease Models & Mechanisms , biologist from the company, a non profit in Cambridge, UK.

Hormones during Pregnancy

Hormones are produced by numerous glands of internal secretion. In the human body, only the known to the science of hormones are more than a hundred, however, their quantity is measured in micrograms (10-6) and nanograms (10-9). The role of hormones is enormous: any minimal change in their level leads to a change in the work of millions of cells in the body.

It is thanks to hormones that we are capable of reproduction, maintaining pregnancy, intrauterine development. When pregnancy, the level of some important hormones for the fetus varies insignificantly (thyroxine, cortisol), the level of others increases several times (progesterone, prolactin). In addition, there are hormones that in a healthy person appear in the body only during pregnancy (chorionic gonadotropin, placental lactogen). The change in the ratio of hormones during pregnancy triggers the process of birth and ensures their normal course, and then recovery during the postpartum period.

Hormones during pregnancy: it all starts with a chorionic gonadotropin

The moment that triggers hormonal changes in the body is the introduction of the fetal egg into the wall of the uterus (implantation). During implantation, the cells of the fetal egg form villi, which connect to the blood vessels of the uterus, together forming a special organ – the chorion. Chorion also produces the first pregnancy hormone, which is called “human chorionic gonadotropin” (hCG). HCG in the body of a healthy person is formed only during pregnancy, because only in this case the chorion develops. This allowed us to use the definition of this hormone to diagnose the onset of conception. The simplest pharmacy test for pregnancy is based on the definition of HCG, excreted in the urine. The level of hCG directly depends on the development of the chorion, which means, from the gestation period: it increases twice every two days, reaching its peak at 8-10 weeks. At the same time, its level differs from the original zero by 100 thousand times! After that, it begins to gradually decline, remaining practically at the same level in the second half of pregnancy. By the rate of growth of hCG in the blood in the first trimester, you can judge whether pregnancy and fetus develop normally.

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