Finds a scholarly research published online simply by the BMJ.

Pain levels were recorded every morning and evening using a recognised scale and all women had been assessed by an unbiased examiner at the end of the treatment period. After treatment, both the acupuncture group and the stabilising exercise group had less discomfort than the standard group each morning and at night. Reduced amount of pelvic girdle pain as assessed by the independent examiner was best in the acupuncture group.Overall, dieters who’d walked while eating their cereal bar ate even more calories at snack period – – and about five instances more chocolate – – than other dieters. Eating on the run didn’t make nondieters enjoy chocolate, however. It’s unclear so why the other forms of distracted snacking didn’t encourage overeating down the road. And the findings usually do not mean that people should make a habit of eating in front of the TV, McDaniel said. Other research, she said, have found correlations between TV period, overeating and obesity – – though it isn’t clear that TV looking at is the root of the problem. Despite all the unknowns, it seems sensible to consume more mindfully, both Ogden and McDaniel said.