Experts from Rush University Medical Center are partnering with colleagues from over the U.

Raj Shah, associate professor of family medication at the Hurry Alzheimer’s Disease Center and an ASPREE investigator, ‘Aspirin is among the most commonly used medicines in the world. If the benefits of taking aspirin to keep a life free of disability in an old person outweigh the chance of bleeding is definitely a critically essential health question to answer. ‘In the U.S., Australia and elsewhere, folks are living longer therefore identifying remedies to prolong life free from physical disability and memory problems is increasingly essential,’ explains ASPREE investigator Dr. Anne Murray, epidemiologist and geriatrician, and associate professor of geriatrics and medicine at the University of Minnesota.The researchers found that women and minorities specifically were at an elevated risk of PTSD, although the strongest demographic risk element for PTSD in the study was low income. Survivors with incomes less than $25,000 per year were eight times more likely to have PTSD than those getting more than $100,000 each year. The scholarly research was based on interviews with 3,271 English-speaking, civilian survivors who are enrolled in the WTC Wellness Registry, the biggest post-disaster public wellness registry in U.S. History, tracking the ongoing health greater than 71, 000 people exposed to the WTC disaster directly.