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Depending upon the complexity of the individual case, laser cataract surgery takes 10-15 minutes. It will be performed by Doctors Lisa Cibik and John Nairn in AIO’s West Mifflin workplace at 9700 Mountain Watch Drive. AIO performs the most cataract techniques of any ophthalmology practice in the Pittsburgh area. By age 80, over fifty % of all Americans have got cataracts. In cataract surgery treatment, an ophthalmologist gets rid of the eye’s cloudy zoom lens and replaces it with an artificial, intraocular lens.For these patient populations, this technology increases already exceptional diagnostic imaging and creates better potential for therapy monitoring later on. ‘Dementia is among the biggest health problems facing human society now and in the future. PET is a robust tool in early recognition and treatment of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Early medical diagnosis of dementia can possess a tremendous impact on treatment for patients and their family members,’ stated Chuan Huang, PhD, lead researcher for the study, from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Mass.