Alzheimers disease.

The researchers evaluated associations between measured supplement D bloodstream concentrations and neuropsychological assessments. Elders requiring home care have a higher risk of not getting more than enough vitamin D because of limited sunlight exposure and other factors. The participants, ages 65 to 99 years, were grouped by their vitamin D status, that was categorized as deficient, insufficient, or sufficient. Only 35 % had sufficient vitamin D blood levels. That they had better cognitive performance on the testing than those in the deficient and insufficient categories, particularly on actions of ‘executive performance,’ such as cognitive versatility, perceptual complexity, and reasoning. The associations persisted after considering other variables that could also affect cognitive performance..3M launches new doctor education modules to supply ICD-10 training 3M Health Information Systems is enriching its web-based ICD-10 Education Program with 18 new physician education modules that address the critical problem of physician readiness for ICD-10. Designed by 3M consulting experts, including physicians, nurses, and credentialed health information management professionals, the new modules will provide comprehensive ICD-10 training predicated on medical specialty, allowing physicians to focus on the scholarly education most highly relevant to their work. Training is delivered over the net so that it could be easily accessed and reviewed as much as needed.