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The condition is responsible for almost 4,000 deaths a year. An asthma attack is often triggered by allergens such as pollen, animal and dust dander, certain drugs and food additives or respiratory infections. Although the exact cause of asthma is unidentified, many treatments can be found to control this chronic inflammation of the airways in the lung area. Allergists have specialized schooling to know what triggers a patient’s asthma and help control their disease to avoid severe complications. Working in partnership with an allergist, having an action plan, recognizing the triggers and early caution signals of an impending attack, and utilizing a peak stream meter to detect the amount of bronchial obstruction, can all contribute to a decrease in the frequency and intensity of attacks..The simplest way to get rid of acne is to discover what type of epidermis you have. Remedies for acne change from one skin type to another. The type of body acne treatment that matches an oily skin will not suit dry skin. Therefore, determining what type of skin you have can help you in selecting the right acne treatment products. Acne is definitely of different sizes and in serious cases the pimples are big and are termed as pustules. Generally, when the problem is intense, it leaves marks on your skin and these marks make the facial skin look unattractive.