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For the past year, many professionals have instead been saying — based on results of the study of cholesterol drugs sold by Merck & Co. And Schering-Plough Corp. — that reducing cholesterol levels isn’t enough to lessen those risks if there is no evidence the medicines control plaque buildup in arteries. Vytorin, a pricey combination pill, is sold by a jv of Merck, located in Whitehouse Station, N.J., and Schering-Plough, located in Kenilworth, N.J. It contains medicines that lower cholesterol in two different ways: Schering-Plough’s Zetia, which reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed from meals, and Merck’s former blockbuster Zocor, which lowers the amount of cholesterol created by the body based on one’s genes.If someone could use selective breeding to build up a food-making superweed, it might actually save thousands from starvation as the American breadbasket collapses into agricultural ruin over another few decades. Can People in america learn to live with much less?Or, perhaps, Americans will have to learn to become more resourceful like the Native American Indians who once lived freely over the continent. Native Americans ate mesquite pods which develop abundantly in poor, dry soils.