After assaulting soda sizes.

After assaulting soda sizes, Bloomberg wants to destroy tanning salons today New York City voters have certainly trended liberally in the last few decades, but they’ve never been very much for totalitarianism – so it’s really difficult to figure out how they managed to elect a guy like Michael Bloomberg a couple of times, given his authoritarian tendencies. Hizzoner has produced a name for himself in the last few of years not really much for any legitimate accomplishments but more for his Nanny Condition mentality. First, Bloomberg wished to ban salt.Residents are getting asked to boil water for at least one minute before using it vigorously. Customers also are advised never to bathe infants and young children in the water, because they may swallow some. The authority says it is the first time in more than 25 years there’s been an E. Coli contamination in the drinking water supply. Health Director Michael Fine tells WPRO-AM the purchase will maintain place until at least Thursday.. Achillion receives $2.0 million in eight federal grants under QTDP program Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , a innovator in the development and discovery of little molecule drugs to combat the most challenging infectious diseases, today announced that is has been awarded approximately $2.0 million in eight federal grants beneath the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project plan.0 billion to reimburse certain costs paid or incurred during 2009 and 2010 directly related to the conduct of a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project.