African malaria involves town First.

Urbanisation came relatively late to the continent, but the US Environment Program says Africa’s urban development is now the fastest in the globe – nearly twice the global average. In 1960 there were no African metropolitan areas with one million inhabitants: today there are 40. The UN predicts that the amount of Africans surviving in towns and cities will increase 20 percent within 15 years, to 800 million. Malaria has long been a scourge, in charge of around 1 million deaths a year in Africa, making many millions even more ill and acting as a brake on economic development. And the situation could be even worse than was thought also.Data calculating the efficacy of this new test were provided at the Fourth AACR International Conference on Molecular Diagnostics in Tumor Therapeutic Advancement. AccuPSA is a simple blood test that may tell a physician important info about prostate specific antigen levels after radical prostatectomy, said David Wilson, Ph.D., senior director of product development at Quanterix Company, the manufacturer of the test. AccuPSA has the potential to remove unnecessary remedies and enable earlier detection of recurrence, which might lead to earlier treatment, better outcomes and also have a positive effect on health care costs.