Affymetrix announces commercialization of next-generation human transcriptome array Affymetrix.

An emerging approach for large-scale clinical genomic research is to first use RNA-Seq to the sufficient depth of 200 million or better reads for the discovery of transcriptome components relevant to the disease process, followed by high-throughput and reliable screening of these elements on thousands of patient samples using custom designed arrays, added Dr. Davis, champion of this year’s Gruber Genetics Prize for distinguished contributions to genetics analysis. Experts and clinicians are challenging solutions like our new array to go beyond simply identifying transcripts, to really measuring the differences within their abundance in large clinical studies.Dairy products are filled with calcium. Bananas help with calcium absorption and may create strong and healthful bones. Try a smoothie with bananas and milk and then add oatmeal for bulk. Bones become brittle as person begins to age, however the calcium and potassium in this mixture is great for bone health. 5. Fish and reddish wineFish and red wine are both recognized to enhance heart wellness, but putting them collectively is an ultra-mix for your body. A nice piece of salmon with a glass of red wine may be heart healthy and provide great antioxidants for your body. An omega-3-wealthy fatty fish, like salmon and trout, raises these body benefits further just.