According to a report in this months Biological Psychiatry.

People who show even more neural activity in the lateral prefrontal cortex are less inclined to be upset the day after fighting with partners, according to a report in this month’s Biological Psychiatry. The findings indicate the lateral prefrontal cortex’s function in emotion regulation, and claim that improved function within this area may improve day-to-day disposition also. What we found, as you might expect, was that everybody felt on the day of the conflict with their partners badly, says lead writer Christine Hooker, assistant professor of psychology in Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.On top of getting relief from the current gout pain flare up, finding ways to prevent it from flaring up in the future is also very important. The first step in getting alleviation is to create an appointment with your doctor, so that you can learn about the various treatment options available to you. However, in addition to seeing your doctor, you should consider natural treatments for gout pain also. Today are far too quick to dismiss substitute medicine that can incorporate Unfortunately people, gout herbal remedies. The truth is that there are many natural treatments for gout which will help to alleviate the pain quickly, and just as effectively often, or even more so, than traditional medicine can.