According to a pre-scientific study led by researchers in the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The scholarly study was funded by the Prudent Fund and the National Institutes of Health. Our ultimate goal is to provide personalized therapy for females with ovarian malignancy, said Angeles Secord, M.D., a gynecologic oncologist at Duke and senior investigator upon this scholarly study. Hopefully in the future we will apply targeted therapies to specific patients and their cancers in order to augment response to treatment while reducing toxic side effects. Related StoriesOvarian cancers patients with a brief history of oral contraceptive make use of possess better outcomesNew RNA test of blood platelets may be used to detect area of cancerSausages With Antioxidants From Berries To Prevent CancerFor this study, researchers examined four ovarian tumor cell lines, known as IGROV1, SKOV3, OVCAR3 and A2780.As a result, in late 2000, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Betty Anne Mincey, M.D., who was at Mayo at the right time, instituted a scheduled program to handle this gap in care and attention. The Breast Clinic worked with health departments in four counties encircling the institution , in order that women with irregular mammograms would be described Mayo Clinic for a diagnosis. A team of radiologists, led by Elizabeth DePeri, M.D., current principal investigator of the scholarly research, worked to supply flexible procedure times and overcome program barriers to offer a timely review of screening films and an instant diagnosis. Of the 447 women enrolled through 2006, 65 % had been white, 21 % had been dark, and 11 % had been Hispanic.