A European Commission funded research studying the effects of flavonoids.

A polyphenols-rich diet plan keeps the heart younger This finding comes out from a study by the University of Grenoble in collaboration with the other Centres participating to the FLORA Project, a European Commission funded research studying the effects of flavonoids, a variety of polyphenols, on human health. The scientific work, released in the Journal of Diet, is among the few approaching this field by in vivo research. Nevertheless, this kind of approach has a main limitation: it is extremely difficult to assess precisely the nature of all flavonoids absorbed following usage of plants present in a given meal.Hayward, M.D., Peter D. Reaven, M.D., Wyndy L. Wiitala, Ph.D., Gideon D. Bahn, Ph.D., Domenic J. Reda, Ph.D., Ling Ge, M.S., Madeline McCarren, Ph.D., William C. Duckworth, M.D., and Nicholas V. Emanuele, M.D. For the VADT Investigators: Follow-up of Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes Patients with type 2 diabetes have got a greatly increased risk of cardiovascular events.1 Although end-stage microvascular events represent important complications of diabetes, the morbidity and mortality linked to cardiovascular events are an order of magnitude higher than that linked to microvascular events.2 Therefore, whether improved glucose control reduces the price of cardiovascular events can be an important clinical question.