3D-printed vertebra used in spine surgery Surgeons in Beijing.

3D-printed vertebra used in spine surgery Surgeons in Beijing, China, have successfully implanted an artificial, 3D-printed vertebra replacement in a young boy with bone cancer silagra . It is stated by them may be the first time such a procedure has ever been done. During a five-hour procedure, the doctors initial removed the tumor located in the second vertebra of 12-year-old Minghao’s throat and changed it with the 3D-printed implant between the initial and third vertebrae, CCTV.com reported previously this month. ‘This is actually the first use of a 3D-imprinted vertebra as an implant for orthopedic spine operation in the globe,’ said Dr. Liu Zhongjun, the director of orthopedics at No. 3 Hospital, Peking University, who performed the operation.

Using advanced microscopic techniques in conjunction with novel data analysis software program, the consortium of European scientists intend to establish a three-dimensional map of the DNA fibre in the human cell. This spatial framework will be related to patterns of powered down and stitched on genes along the DNA molecule. Because it is very most likely that the three-dimensional organisation of genomes is the same for all animals, the 3DGENOME system, in addition to individual cells, incorporates studies on cells from the mouse and from fruit flies, two well-studied organisms.