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The Treatment Planning Program can serve as a dietary supplement for centers that want additional support to meet up growing patient volumes or fluctuations in staffing without adjusting their fixed costs. It can help clients gain confidence also, share knowledge, and begin delivering more complex CyberKnife treatments faster by providing a pathway for collaboration with specific medical physicists. At CyberKnife of Birmingham, Accuray’s Treatment Planning Services provided added capability and support to the startup goals of the new site, which went live in May 2009. CyberKnife of Birmingham has had the opportunity to consider on a broad spectral range of instances from their referring physician base while providing top notch care to the Birmingham community.‘Male and female attitudes obviously differed. The young ladies’ responses were even more empathic and complicated because they encounter more technical social pressures when it comes to having sex. The teenagers on the other hand seemed to follow behaviour patterns that included pressuring young ladies to have sex, with the use of alcohol often. ‘We also pointed out that the boys frequently used aggressive vocabulary about relationships – an element that was missing from the ladies’ focus groups. For example they suggested a girlfriend who slept around would probably pay a physical cost and that using methods like getting a female drunk were acceptable.